Code of Conduct

BitAgora reflects its 'integral company' vision in a programmatic document which, signed by its shareholders, is shared with all of the individuals who work at BitAgora ; it is a summary which lays down not just a way of thinking, but a way of acting to integrate values into the business strategy. In fact, the values described in the document are of interest more for what they do than for what they are, focusing on consistent goals, organizational tools and managerial practices and behaviors. Their strength is credibility, which must be reinforced not only by taking on an excellent idea, but bringing into focus the necessary convergence between what's right, and what's convenient. For this reason, BitAgora has configured its business strategy through healthy pragmatism of values, based primarily on its everyday business but which also extends to provide specific contributions to environmental sustainability, regional economic development, quality of life and cultural development.

The Code of Ethics is an instrument which lays down a set of values which the BitAgora recognizes, shares and promotes, in the knowledge that a business run on principles of diligence, correctness and loyalty constitutes a driving force for economic and social development.

This is what the BitAgora constitutional charter represents, an authentic manifesto of the rights and moral duties which place a moral and social responsibility on all of our shoulders. The Code of Ethics is an integral part of the Organisation, Management and Control Model adopted by us.

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